Getting rid of blocks holding you back with the Empowerment Cards

Getting rid of blocks holding you back with the Empowerment Cards

Have your ever felt that you’re just not achieving what you want in your work life and you’re surrounded by others effortlessly progressing? Do you feel that you’re stuck, knowing you need to make changes but unable to do so? I’ve developed the Empowerment Cards to help you get to the bottom of what is holding you back. Not only will you be able to see exactly what is blocking you (you’ll be surprised, it’s often not what you think it is), but you will be able eradicate them and get your life on track.

You’re not alone

Sometimes we all  just need a bit of extra help in our work and personal life. Whatever we’re trying to do whether it be selling, delivering a service or presenting our ideas over zoom, we can hit a stumbling block.

We beat ourselves up with negative thoughts – If only we were a bit clearer, more confident or better organised, had innovative ideas, could motivate the team effectively … Often these blocks get in the way of our successes. We feel frustrated and stuck – not understanding what these blocks are or how we can clear them.

It’s not you, it’s your sub-conscious

The Empowerment cards are a quick and easy tool to focus your mind and enable you to achieve your goals.

Although consciously we might be very positive, ready and driven to follow our goals, we all run about 95% of our lives with our sub-conscious mind. This largely develops between the ages of 0-7 when we’re absorbing information at a phenomenal rate although we are unaware of it. We absorb both negative and positive information throughout our lives and our everyday responses and actions are affected by this.

The power of words

Negative comments directed at us will be absorbed and we start to believe them. If a teacher judges your efforts harshly, telling you that a piece of work is sub standard, this can be absorbed and leave you with a feeling of never being quite good enough. By then further telling ourselves we’re not up to standard, we start to believe it, and this continues into adult life. Our confidence is knocked, and we start to avoid situations where we may be judged thus affecting everything we do. Your sub-conscious only has to be told something three times before it believes it!

Light at the end of the tunnel

The good news is that using Self-Hypnosis techniques with the Empowerment Cards in a positive way, will help you re-programme your sub-conscious mind and get rid of these blocks.

The Empowerment Cards cover nine aspects of what we do in our working day, with each card divided into four to really drill down to what is holding you back.

Using the Kinesiology sway test (basically a method of bypassing the conscious mind and tapping into the subconscious mind – see video) we can use the cards to find the key issues of our day or week to work on. Then using self-hypnosis techniques, change the way our sub-conscious mind responds to them. Check out the Empowerment card video for full instructions.

We’d love to hear how you’re getting on, so get in touch and if you need any help, we’re only an email or phone call away.



Change your energy and the world changes around you

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10 Minute Daily Positivity Exercise during Coronavirus lockdown

10 Minute Daily Positivity Exercise during Coronavirus lockdown

10 Minutes exercise for a positivity boost!

We’ve come up with a 10 minute positive exercise to help you through these difficult times. Just 10 minutes, once a day will make all the difference. Give it a go and let us know how you get on.

With the black cloud of the Coronavirus looming overhead, we’re all feeling the strain. Our worlds have suddenly become incredibly small – the distractions of our busy lives have been replaced with four walls and time on our hands. We’re being fed endless negative news and scary social media posts which are feeding our worst fears. Not only are we worrying about how we’re going to pay our bills but our very existence and that of our loved ones, is under threat.

Have you joined the Fear Club?

It’s so easy to be negatively impacted by what is happening, to join the Fear club and get involved in sharing all manner of desperate and dark information. And so, the cycle of negativity is fed and becomes larger and larger until we’re consumed by it. But, what can we do?

Watch your language!

The language we are using in our heads is key to how we feel. If we keep telling ourselves negative things, our mind will start to believe them. We only need to tell ourselves something a few times before our subconscious begins to believe it. Most people understand how effective self-hypnosis can be but don’t understand that negative self-hypnosis is just as powerful. Change your language to positive messaging if you want you mind to feel more positive.

Try this positive exercise every day for 10 minutes

• Find a few moments and a quiet space.
• Make sure you are sitting comfortably
• Find some peaceful music and take some deep breaths.
• Breath in and out, very slowly and purposefully.
• Imagine clearing out your mind with white light.
• Visualise the white light as being on the end of a broom
• Every time a thought pops in, sweep it out
• Keep going with your breathing and your white light broom until you feel some calmness.
• Slowly and surely start saying all the things currently on your mind 3 times with a positive spin (see list below for ideas) adding ‘effortless flow” afterwards
• Make sure you continue to breath slowly and purposefully and your sentences are truly positive and incorporate ‘effortless flow’

Some examples you might like to try (put in whatever is important to you)

My job is worthy and necessary, I work with ‘effortless flow’
My House move is happening with ‘effortless flow’
I can enjoy my life with ‘effortless flow’
I am looking after my well-being with ‘effortless flow’


Getting the energy edge

Getting the energy edge

Are you the life and soul of the party?

We’ve all know someone who everyone adores – they light up a room with people hanging on their every word. What is it about them? Are they lucky enough to be blessed with a magic gift? Are they wearing some special scent? The truth is that they are using something we all have within us. They have positive energy. Humans, themselves made up of energy, are attracted to positive and repelled by negative energy.

The good news is that it is in everyone’s gift to positively change their energy but it takes practice.

Mirror, mirror

What is the very first thing you say to yourself when you wake up in the morning? Do you look in the mirror and tell yourself how wonderful you are? Or do you look in the mirror and start the day criticising yourself? If the former is true, then you have already set yourself up for a day of feeling badly about yourself with a low energy.

Be kind

We continually support our friends with positive messaging, but we often tell ourselves negative things that we wouldn’t tolerate from anyone else. We only repeat these thoughts a few times, before we start to believe them… Self-hypnosis is very powerful!

Walking into a client meeting, motivating a team, selling a product or delivering a workshop; the energy you start the day with, will have an impact on the results of that day.
If you’re holding onto even seemingly innocuous feelings of stress or low self-esteem, your interaction with others will be negatively impacted. In turn, your chance of success is reduced, and your energy goes down. It’s a vicious circle.

Talking to yourself in a supportive way can have a positive effect on your energy and listening to uplifting meditations will also help to break this cycle. You’ll feel empowered and be able to ‘walk your talk’ with confidence.

Feeling invisible?

If you’re feeling frustrated or feel that others aren’t really ‘getting’ what you’re saying, it can be a sign that your energy isn’t right. It’s difficult to see ourselves how others see us, so it can be quite useful, if a little brutal, to ask a colleague or friend to give us an honest appraisal. Understanding our own energy and the affect it has on others, is key to us succeeding in all aspects of our life. A vibrant energy is infectious and once people are relating to you in a positive way, obstacles fall away.

Change your energy and the world changes around you! 

Healthy eating – As easy as learning your colours

Healthy eating – As easy as learning your colours

If you’re confused by the amount of conflicting advice on what to eat for a healthy body, you’re not alone. Healthy eating has become big business and companies make a fortune out of our wish to be healthy often pushing us to purchase supplements as a quick fix. Eating healthily is a lot easier than you might think because it’s all to do with colour.

Scientists the world over agree that our cousins in the Mediterranean follow one of the healthiest diets. Take a close look at what they’re actually eating and you’ll see a rainbow of colours. Not for them the bland appearance of a jacket potato with grated cheese!

Healthy food this way!

Nature does everything it can to point us in the right direction and help us make healthy choices. The varied colours of fruits and vegetables are caused by differing phytonutrients. These are natural chemicals that help protect plants. What’s great for us is that each colour also indicates what nutrients are abundant within those fruits and vegetables. By eating a rainbow of colours, we naturally and effortlessly increase the variety of vitamins and minerals in our diets. We also benefit from their protective properties. We might not live in Italy or France but we do have access to a world of fruits and vegetables year round.

Eat a rainbow

So next time you’re pushing the trolley around the supermarket and wondering what to do for tea – think ‘Eat a Rainbow’. By incorporating a selection of colours into your food each day, you’ll be giving your body everything it needs. Why not grow a few of your own vegetables? Better for your pocket and the environment. Even a few herbs growing on a window sill will add colour to your diet.

Handy tip: If you have fussy children, chop or pulp vegetables and hide them in sauces. They’ll be getting all the goodness and you’ll get none of the fuss!

Know your colours

Red fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals, including lycopene and ellagic acid. These powerful nutrients are known for their cancer-fighting effects and other health benefits.

Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C and carotenoids, including beta-carotene. Some carotenoids, most notably beta-carotene, convert to vitamin A within the body. This helps promote healthy vision and cell growth.

Greens are one of healthiest foods we can eat. Green fruits and vegetables are rich in lutein, isothiocyanates, isoflavones, and vitamin K,. These are essential for blood and bone health.

Blue and purple fruits and vegetables are rich in phytonutrients, including anthocyanins and resveratrol. They have been studied extensively for their anti-cancer and anti-aging properties.

White and brown produce may not be as brightly coloured as other foods, but they still are a healthy choice and have phytonutrients. Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable rich in an anti-cancer compound called sulforaphane. Garlic and onions are in the allium family of vegetables and contain the powerful cancer-fighting compounds allicin and quercetin.

Who knew healthy eating could be so easy? Grab your trolley and bring a little Mediterranean sunshine into your life.