Client Reviews

I highly recommend Suzanne if you are seeking guidance. Her readings are in-depth and ‘spot on’. She has the uncanny ability of revealing the core, key issue and bringing clarity to it via her cards, crystals, channelling, numerology and sensitivity. While Suzanne is a smiling ray of sunshine, her readings delve deep into a wisdom that will either reassure you on a decision you may already have been drawn to or open your senses to a whole new facet of a situation that you may not have thought of. If you are wavering … don’t! You won’t regret a reading with Suzanne.

Maddie King Author and Teacher – Energy Medicine


Thank you for a beautiful reading. Your insights and channellings are fantastic and so very helpful. Being in a place where I want to make big changes in my life, your reading assisted me greatly in understanding all the dynamics surrounding what my heart desires and what obstacles are in the way. Making this clear to me helps me to change the energies so that everything will support my life changing decision. I felt completely received and your guidance and reading was so precise and powerful. I am more than happy to recommend you to anyone who needs assistance and support in their life quests.

With much gratitude and love, Karen (KemDara)


I had a reading with Suzanne earlier this year and and just now I went back to the recording of that reading and WOW, I’m so happy I did go back, thanks to this second ‘over the garden fence’ with Suzanne. Suzanne was spot on with so many aspects of my life, even things that were not clear then but are crystal clear to me now! What a wonderful gift you have, Suzanne, your insights and the tools you use to expand your gift, I can’t wait now to experiment with the elements and the crystals. I’m so grateful, I highly recommend her readings.

Suzanna Ossude-Birarelli


My session with Suzanne was an uplifting, enlightening experience and she is so accurate and in-depth about her readings. Her warm sense of humour made my reading a real eye opener, and I would definitely recommend her to friends and family. She really made me connect with her insights and it was a real treat in such an uncertain time. Thank you so much.



I worked with Suzanne on a zoom session a few months ago. I have worked as a psychotherapist for over 10 years, so am acquainted with the idea of self-development, and my session pushed further explorations for self- development. Suzanne helped by illuminating the current conflicts in my life, explored how these could be managed adding the possible actions required. In retrospect what was uncovered was spot on and her insights have been unbelievably valuable. I found her warmth and passion for what she does meant she made an instant connection with me. She taught me how to set and intention and allow the energy to follow that intention, a practice which I have continued to do. I was really impressed and would love to book another session with Suzanne soon.
Thank you so inspiring.

Louise O’Connell BACP Accredited.

I had a wonderful reading with Suzanne last Friday. The whole session was very reassuring and healing. The session was undertaken remotely via zoom and whilst it wasn’t face to face it felt very warm, personal and caring. Suzanne used the cards to give me messages around my work, health, my relationships and family. I really felt the reading was very relevant and poignant to me. I have come away with lots of things to think about that will really help me move forwards. Suzanne also guided me towards the right crystals that would be helpful for me in the future. Suzanne brings the reading together in a compassionate and intuitive way.

Madeline Longshaw

Thank you so much for my recent reading. It was extremely insightful and helpful. I have more clarity and a deeper understanding regarding my new relationship which enables me to move forward with greater confidence.

Tanya. C

Thank you for a wonderful reading, so much clarity & good information. Your gift is amazing & I feel very honoured to have met you. Lots of love & Light.

Meena Sharma

I would highly recommend Suzanne. It was the first time i have been to something like this and was quite nervous. That was short lived as I was made to feel very comfortable very quickly. It was a comprehensive reading and fascinating. I was feeling down due to circumstances in my personal life, but at the end of the reading i came out feeling a lot more positive than when I went in.

Kathleen Hemingway:

I had a lovely reading with Suzanne. She has such a genuine and warm energy! She is clearly passionate about discovering and sharing information in a way that not only makes sense but that also has practical value. I was not only impressed by her proficiency and knowledge but how she could communicate concepts in a very simple easy to understand way. I feel so pleased with the time I spent in her magical company and her caring intentions left me feeling reassured. It was a fantastic experience and I would recommend anyone wanting help to understand their situation and find direction or clarity to book a reading with her.

James Lyster, Wexford, Ireland

Suzanne is awesome. Her card reading is spot on. I have asked her advice a number of times and she is always spot on.

R. Newman

I have found my readings with Suzanne very insightful, sometimes bringing out emotions I was unaware of and incredibly accurate and helpful.

J. Newton

Suzanne has read my cards on numerous occasions and I have found her readings insightful and helpful.

B. Foley

Thank you for a wonderful reading, so much clarity & good information. Your gift is amazing & I feel very honoured to have met you. Lots of love & Light

Meena Sharma

I love the work you do!! You are an inspiration to others and a wonderful teacher.

Jane Wilson

I’ve found Suzanne’s Spiritual Guidance readings extremely insightful and helpful in moving forward in life. She is very thorough, very clear, and gives practical advice. Her kinesiology sessions are also very helpful in addressing health issues and balancing my energy.

P. Walsh-Roberts

I’ve just had my reading and it was phenomenal. So much clarity – thank you so much Suzanne Lane I’m feeling upbeat and driven!!!.

Judith Bailey

I had a lovely reading with Suzanne Lane, lots of information given & lots to look forward to, I would highly recommend her for a reading her knowledge and gift is amazing!

Samantha Bracewell

Thank you so much Suzanne Lane what a wonderful spiritual guidance reading I had with you this evening. very inspiring insightful and helpful. You are very talented xxxx

Louise Marie Lyster

The session was very in-depth, and tailored for my needs. Suzanne covered a range of subjects, and has really given me clarity on topics that I have been uncertain on. I feel much clearer on what direction I should take in the coming months and years. I felt very comfortable with Suzanne – she is very warm and easy to talk to, and also extremely knowledgeable and she was able to go into great detail on what each of my cards mean, and how they relate to each of the topics we covered. Thank you!


This reading was a gift from my partner and as a sceptic of these things I have to admit that I was rather impressed! Not only was Suzanne very professional, she immediately sensed my scepticism and quickly made me feel at ease with her joyful personality! As for the reading, it was my first reading and I had no real expectations – in fact I thought it was going to be rather woo woo! To my surprise, Suzanne homed in on my career – which I’ve recently changed and gave a very accurate account of these changes and the issues surrounding my work/life balance! The numerology was astoundingly accurate and I even liked the addition of the crystals. All in all, it was a marvellous experience and one that I would recommend especially as a gift. Thank you Suzanne.


Destiny Alignment Readings

These are exquisite and profound readings. Highly recommended


Margo Benson.

Crystal Reading – WOW .. I was incredibly lucky to receive a Crystal reading (in lockdown) as a birthday present and have just had the most brilliant reading with Suzanne – it was amazing from start to finish. First of all, from your date of birth, Suzanne builds a grid. When the call started we covered Numerology and went through my Destiny number, my approach to life, my personal goals and what the obstacles are in my life – and which crystals were supporting me. It was fascinating. Suzanne then laid out cards and gave me insights on how to improve the areas I was struggling with and how to do this – the advice felt totally right for me. I am blown away – the reading was spot on – I would thoroughly recommend a session with Suzanne – It was truly fascinating. I was amazed Suzanne could do such a spot on reading over Zoom. Thankyou so much


Christian Spence

This was a very interesting and enlightening experience. Suzanne was very intuitive and it felt as if she already knew me. It was a very special experience. I will be booking another session soon. Thanks Suzanne!



Fabulous reading, Thank you Suzanne. I really needed some clarity and this reading really helped me move forward.


Anji James

I really enjoyed my reading with Suzanne. Very helpful and intuitive.


Sally Harding

Suzanne’s reading for me was full of insightful “ah-ha” moments. She has helped me to re-frame what has been a very painful few months by realising that not only is not my fault but that it was all meant to be in order for me to fulfill my destiny. Damn you universe!!!

Jacqueline Malhotra

I organised a reading for my daughter a week after her 19th Birthday. Suzanne’s insights had so many ah ha moments for her. She had really struggled at school -as a dyslexic she was questioning everything (seeker) while struggling to get to grips with linear processes (seeker), was deeply social (3) but found a lot of the girls very immature and couldn’t understand why they were nasty to others. Knowing now that these inate qualities are part of her truth and how it is natural for there to be positives and negatives has really helped with her self-esteem.

Jacqueline Malhotra

My session with Suzanne was not only extremely accurate, but taught me things about myself that I hadn’t quite realised yet. In a time of deep worry about my future, it put me at ease and allowed me to trust that things will be okay and will happen when then need to happen. I have highly recommended her to friends, and would strongly suggest to have a reading to anyone not at ease with themselves or in life because it’ll allow you to discover who you are and where you are in life.



Thank you Suzanne Lane for such an incredibly uplifting reading.
Working with your crystal allies, numerology and divine channelling – this is more than just a ‘reading’. Suzanne you have such a wonderful gift which you deliver with nothing but love & light and I can’t thank you enough for guiding me on my path.


Krysia Anna

Manifestation Grids

Almost immediately Suzanne formed the grid for me, beneficial things began happening. She sent me a picture of my grid and I printed it out along with my clearest possible request to Creation and as soon as I looked at those and read put the request, I sensed something inside me shift. Very powerful.


Thank you. PW

Suzanne’s Crystal Grids are a wonderful opportunity to align with the energy of your goals. Suzanne showed excellent support and commitment to the preparation, creation and follow up of my personalised Crystal Grid including helping me find clarity of my intensions and the writing of my affirmation. Suzanne offers an excellent explanation of the crystals chosen and their purpose. Within days of being set up, I saw progression in my intensions. How wonderful to have been sent a beautiful coaster which I place my affirmation on each night to continue giving my attention to. I highly recommend Suzanne’s Crystal Grid and readings which I have benefited immensely from.


Thank you. Phillip Brunton, UK

The Crystal grid Suzanne created for me, was a grid for protection. Being an energy practitioner, this grid allowed me to be able to do my energy work, whilst the grid took the offensive energies directed to me and magically made them disappear ! Suzanne’s crystal grid was so powerful for me , that she had it made into a coaster, so everyday, when doing my energy work, I still feel protected from the grid. It was so powerful for me that I got my husband to create his own grid with Suzanne.


Julie Brunton

Suzanne’s Grid is a great way to fuel and empower your intentions, to strengthen your cosmic connection and make your difference in daily life.


Alexandria Walsh Roberts

I had no idea how powerful grid work could be and I adore my coaster. I am confident the Grid has helped me to realign and focus my intention for manifesting my deepest truth.


Tanya C