10 Minute Daily Positivity Exercise during Coronavirus lockdown

by | Apr 2, 2020 | General News

10 Minutes exercise for a positivity boost!

We’ve come up with a 10 minute positive exercise to help you through these difficult times. Just 10 minutes, once a day will make all the difference. Give it a go and let us know how you get on.

With the black cloud of the Coronavirus looming overhead, we’re all feeling the strain. Our worlds have suddenly become incredibly small – the distractions of our busy lives have been replaced with four walls and time on our hands. We’re being fed endless negative news and scary social media posts which are feeding our worst fears. Not only are we worrying about how we’re going to pay our bills but our very existence and that of our loved ones, is under threat.

Have you joined the Fear Club?

It’s so easy to be negatively impacted by what is happening, to join the Fear club and get involved in sharing all manner of desperate and dark information. And so, the cycle of negativity is fed and becomes larger and larger until we’re consumed by it. But, what can we do?

Watch your language!

The language we are using in our heads is key to how we feel. If we keep telling ourselves negative things, our mind will start to believe them. We only need to tell ourselves something a few times before our subconscious begins to believe it. Most people understand how effective self-hypnosis can be but don’t understand that negative self-hypnosis is just as powerful. Change your language to positive messaging if you want you mind to feel more positive.

Try this positive exercise every day for 10 minutes

• Find a few moments and a quiet space.
• Make sure you are sitting comfortably
• Find some peaceful music and take some deep breaths.
• Breath in and out, very slowly and purposefully.
• Imagine clearing out your mind with white light.
• Visualise the white light as being on the end of a broom
• Every time a thought pops in, sweep it out
• Keep going with your breathing and your white light broom until you feel some calmness.
• Slowly and surely start saying all the things currently on your mind 3 times with a positive spin (see list below for ideas) adding ‘effortless flow” afterwards
• Make sure you continue to breath slowly and purposefully and your sentences are truly positive and incorporate ‘effortless flow’

Some examples you might like to try (put in whatever is important to you)

My job is worthy and necessary, I work with ‘effortless flow’
My House move is happening with ‘effortless flow’
I can enjoy my life with ‘effortless flow’
I am looking after my well-being with ‘effortless flow’