Suzanne Lane – Transformation Guide

Transformation starts with a deeper understanding of ourselves

clear blocks for -business success

Spiritual Guidance Readings provide opportunities of discovery, to help you direct your life towards being the best you can be and finding a greater joyfulness. Guidance Readings offer help in making choices and taking actions that support a greater spiritual awareness, self-empowerment and happier outcome.

clear blocks for -business success

Combines the wisdom of your Numerology with the crystals that vibrate at the exact same frequency. The information is specific to the current year and how you are managing it.

Some of Our Testimonials

informative & good fun

“The Energy Edge session Lifequest provided us with was both informative and good fun. The ‘re-energising’ techniques were practical and clearly demonstrated, so that even the most sceptical of us became convinced of their benefits. The HR team have been putting the techniques into practise and have all taken something useful and practical away from the session. I’d definitely recommend that other teams within the organisation use Lifequest as part of their team events.”

RSA – Human Resources Team

Hope to work with you in the future

“I found Life Quest added another element to the stress in the workplace seminar and were certainly a talking point! The staff were friendly and full of useful information. Thank you and hope to work with you in the future.”

Fiona Mckinnon Marketing Executive, Royal Sun Alliance

more energised afterwards

“Staff attending the workshop found they were more energised afterwards and have introduced some of the techniques they learnt into their daily routines.”

Cambridge Women’s Resources Centre