Maximise to Optimum Potential Grids Coaster

This grid literally maximises the potential of anything that is put on it.
It can balance chakras, create a feeling of well-being, enhance any treatment (so pop it under your client, or under the treatment couch or let them sit on it, whatever works best for you in your therapy) affirmations are enhanced, it strengthens remedies. It won’t make something more than it is capable of being, it just takes whatever it is exposed to, to its maximum potential. For example, if you put a poor-quality nutrient on the grid it will only empower it as far as it can possibly go. It can’t make a fundamentally poor energy good, but it can maximise the quality and potential of anything that is put on it.

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Here is a list of possible uses: -


  1. To maximise and enhance any treatment for a client. Lay the larger or smaller grid under the chair or treatment couch. Always reset afterwards (see below).
  2. Working remotely on a computer, place the larger mat under a lap-top, computer or rest the iPad on a mat. Remove and reset after every client.
  3. For personal use laying under a pillow at night, works really well. Douse for whether this is the correct Grid or if the Rejuvenation, Revive and Repair grid is more beneficial.
  4. To enhance your food, use as placemats and coasters but reset the grids before each meal.
  5. Put a glass of water every day for 10 minutes on the grid and then drink it. Douse for whether this is the correct Grid or if the Rejuvenation, Revive and Repair grid is more beneficial.
  6. Enhancing remedies, sprays, essences, nutrients etc. Optimum potential can be achieved by simply placing on the substance on the grid. It is not essential to use a pendulum, but it does provide a handy check. If you ask for the energy of your substance beforehand you can see how strongly the pendulum swings. Then place the substance on the grid (either size will work) and allow the pendulum to swing in a circular motion until it stops. This means the optimum of potential has been reached. Remove from the grid and recheck asking the pendulum to show the enhanced energy. The pendulum will now have a stronger motion.
  7. Affirmations, as with remedies there is no need to use a pendulum, however as above it does show the energy of what you are trying say before and after laying on the grid. Write the affirmation and place it on the grid. If you verbalise your affirmation at the same time, it is interesting to see if others notice the change in your voice after the affirmation has been on the grid. If you decide to test with the pendulum, use the same procedure as above.
  8. The Grid can be used for animals, best with a glass water bowl for enhancing their water or put under their basket or favourite chair. Douse for whether this is the correct Grid or if the Rejuvenation, Revive and Repair grid is more beneficial.
  9. The grid can also be used for plants either by enthusing the water or by sitting the plant directly on the grid.

How to reset

The grids hold the energy of crystals and the power dot but are obviously not made of crystals. They work by holding the intent and for that reason it is important to show the intent of one client leaving and the next being treated, or one action being fulfilled and the next started. This can be done by a change in your energy and your intent. If it is your normal practice to clear the room after each and every client, then this is sufficient. Otherwise please be sure to either use a spray, sound, smudge or any other method after each use. I use chimes and even have a silent vibrational chime for when sound itself is not appropriate.

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