Maximise to Optimum Potential Grids

The purpose

This grid literally maximises the potential of anything that is put on it.
It can balance chakras, create a feeling of well-being, enhance any treatment (so pop it under your client, or under the treatment couch or let them sit on it, whatever works best for you in your therapy) affirmations are enhanced, it strengthens remedies. It won’t make something more than it is capable of being, it just takes whatever it is exposed to, to its maximum potential. For example, if you put a poor-quality nutrient on the grid it will only empower it as far as it can possibly go. It can’t make a fundamentally poor energy good, but it can maximise the quality and potential of anything that is put on it.


Maximise for optimal potential grid coaster

The History

I bumped into Patrick Walsh over 20 years ago by complete fluke. I was looking for some EMF shields that work. Patrick has a Civil Knighthood and a patent for his work in Electro-magnetic & 5G protection devices. His work was taken on by a university in California that checked blood samples (under an extremely high-powered microscope) of people without a mobile phone, with a mobile phone and with Patrick’s devices. The results are startling, I was convinced after all, most EMF devices sold do not have a patent or any proof that they work. I started to work with Patrick to help him set up his website and promote all his other work, which included creating what he called ‘polarity equalisers’ (I called ‘a reset button’). It literally put someone in polarity with their energy and the earth whilst they received a treatment. This meant it enhanced whatever they received. The last time I spoke to Patrick was in April 2022 and I’ve not been able to contact him since, despite many efforts. Patrick had a business partner in Geneva, but he passed away around 2020. I suddenly started being contacted by his old contacts, from the website who now also couldn’t find him.


Eventually Galina Ganzenko Boggis-Rolfe contacted me and we arranged to meet. Patrick had also been working with Galina and had developed a device to work with enhancing her remedies. Galina and I got together and started testing all the different devices and checking all the different information we had from Patrick. Our biggest concern was we only had a very few of these devices, so how could we promote his work and help it get to a larger audience.


It was Galina who first had the idea. “What are these?” she asked as she looked at the Empowerment Grids I make for my clients. It suddenly dawned on us both we could harness the energy in the grids from Patrick’s devices. The generic grid below was created and tested by many therapists with amazing results. I have always used the Polarity equaliser in my grids, I now use both the devices in all my Empowerment Grids.


Electrics particularly relate to the heart, as it is the strongest electrical generator in the body. The heart is amazingly intelligent, having every single receptor that the brain has. It thinks. It remembers. It feels, knows and loves. The heart makes hormones, has its own nervous system, and regulates your rhythm.


The Electrics are a subtle energy system that interconnects with all of the other energy systems as well as the physical body.


The flow of charged ions causes your heart to beat and your muscles to contract. But nowhere in the body is electrical activity better documented than the brain, which contains roughly a hundred billion electrically conductive, biological wires. We even have the biological equivalent of a spark plug in our heart called the sinus node that keeps our heart beating.

Maximise for Optimal Potential

How the grid was developed

The dowsed wording

It took ages to check and double check what to call the grid, eventually Maximise for Optimal Potential became the intent I used.

Dowsing for the grids, crystals and accompanying energies

I never chose anything for my grids, I always douse or self-test.
I clear my mind and ask for the ‘Perfect Result’. It’s only after I set up the grid, I step back and enjoy the meanings and marvel on just how appropriate they are. When I checked on the Optimal Potential Grid, I was not disappointed by the crystals and energies that jumped out to me.

Wooden Lotus grid

The lotus is sacred for purity, rebirth, and strength. Lotuses rise from the mud without stains, they return to the murky water each evening and open their blooms at the break of day, lotus flowers are also symbols of strength, resilience, rebirth, and transcendence: the lotus represents the transcending of man’s spirit over worldly matter since it blooms from the underworld into the light.

Gold silk

Gold is the colour for master 22
To think big and change people’s lives irrevocably. A higher power source, 22 is considered the most powerful of all the numbers, with great Spiritual understanding 22 has the ability to apply knowledge in a practical way to achieve enormous success. 22 transforms the environment.

Patricks Walsh’s Optimum EMF Power Dot

At the centre of the grid to encompass the power boosting energies and stabilising and preventing EMF damage.

All crystals were cleansed in a pyramid before being placed on the Grid.

Grid Centre

Super Seven Quartz or ‘Melody Stone’ is a combination of seven minerals: Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Clear Quartz, Rutile and Smoky Quartz. It opens and “lights up” all the Chakras and the Astral Body, making it very useful for strengthening the Light Body and aiding astral projection. It is used for Earth healing, and healing on all levels. It sits on Patricks Power dot.

1st Layer of the grid

Amethyst Points : Represent spirituality and contentment; known for its metaphysical abilities to still the mind and inspire an enhanced meditative state. Its inherent high frequency purifies the aura of any negative energy or attachments. It creates a protective shield of Light around allowing anything to remain clear and centred while opening to spiritual direction. It initiates wisdom and greater understanding It helps in the assimilation of new ideas, putting thought into action, and brings projects to fruition. Amethyst is also well-known as a talisman of focus and success.
Shaman Quartz: is a powerful journeying and visionary crystal that assists communication with the spirit realm, induces trance and soul healings. It has strong associations with mother earth and facilitates healing journeys through nature. It assists with self-realisation, cleansing the past, providing protection. It dissolves negativity and clears a build-up of stagnant energy anywhere in the subtle bodies or environment.

2nd layer of the Grid

Quantum Quattro expands intuition and communication. It balances thought process, creating a shield for energies and provides a sense of protection.
Red garnet: Utilises creative energy. It grounds spirit forces enabling the ability to work lovingly on the physical plane. [Garnet is a sensual stone, representing primordial fire, the creation of the world out of chaos, purification and love.
Chrysocolla: is a Dispeller Crystal with the ability to rid undesirable energies and dispels fear and anger, It absorbs energies functioning like batteries, serving to augment energy to its optimum. It amplifies earth energy for growth and development.

Outer layer of the grid

Staurolite: activates and aligns one’s third eye, heart and root chakras together, combined, one’s spiritual path has no limits. It promotes the highest version of oneself by channelling potent energy down to Earth. This otherworldly knowledge can be used directly on one’s life path and spiritual journey.

Golden Healer: is a yellow hematoid quartz. The yellow colour comes from iron staining within the quartz. It cleanses the chakral body and transforms negative energy into positive universal love and decreased negative habits. It enhances Joy, Peace, courage, determination, and aids manifestation.

Carnelian: is a soul stirrer, it cleanses the day and re-invigorates strength. It stimulates metabolism, increases motivation, and overcomes procrastination.

Outer Grid influences

Ganesh: He is the supreme consciousness that pervades all and brings order to the universe.

Merlin: Ascended Master Merlin, the alchemist and magician, symbolises embracing life with courage and love; transforming difficulty into wisdom and uncertainty to love.

Buddha : The word actually means Enlightened one. It empowers the grid with wisdom, understanding, and fulfilling destiny.

Sacred Geometry
Heart Star: Symbolising the benevolence of creation within the individual unified field of each human entity.

Balancing Numbers (Lloyd Mears):-

Abundant Knowledge 964986583
Energy Boost. 888888888
Oneness. 26688857747

Using the Grid

Galina and I decided to use both coaster and plate mat size grids.
Having discovered the huge amount of different uses our testers had discovered, we realised we needed two sizes.

Here is a list of possible uses: –

    1. To maximise and enhance any treatment for a client. Lay the larger or smaller grid under the chair or treatment couch. Always reset afterwards (see below).
    2. Working remotely on a computer, place the larger mat under a lap-top, computer or rest the iPad on a mat. Remove and reset after every client.
    3. For personal use laying under a pillow at night, works really well. Douse for whether this is the correct Grid or if the Rejuvenation, Revive and Repair grid is more beneficial.
    4. To enhance your food, use as placemats and coasters but reset the grids before each meal.
    5. Put a glass of water every day for 10 minutes on the grid and then drink it. Douse for whether this is the correct Grid or if the Rejuvenation, Revive and Repair grid is more beneficial.
    6. Enhancing remedies, sprays, essences, nutrients etc. Optimum potential can be achieved by simply placing on the substance on the grid. It is not essential to use a pendulum, but it does provide a handy check. If you ask for the energy of your substance beforehand you can see how strongly the pendulum swings. Then place the substance on the grid (either size will work) and allow the pendulum to swing in a circular motion until it stops. This means the optimum of potential has been reached. Remove from the grid and recheck asking the pendulum to show the enhanced energy. The pendulum will now have a stronger motion.
    7. Affirmations, as with remedies there is no need to use a pendulum, however as above it does show the energy of what you are trying say before and after laying on the grid. Write the affirmation and place it on the grid. If you verbalise your affirmation at the same time, it is interesting to see if others notice the change in your voice after the affirmation has been on the grid. If you decide to test with the pendulum, use the same procedure as above.
    8. The Grid can be used for animals, best with a glass water bowl for enhancing their water or put under their basket or favourite chair. Douse for whether this is the correct Grid or if the Rejuvenation, Revive and Repair grid is more beneficial.
    9. The grid can also be used for plants either by enthusing the water or by sitting the plant directly on the grid.
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