Clearing blocks for business success

Clearing blocks for business success

Get rid of the blocks holding you back

This is a powerful workshop that helps delegates positively change unhelpful sub-conscious programmes that are holding them back in their work and personal life. Investing in your staff and getting the best from them by providing the best for them, leads to increased productivity and growth for your business.

Investing in your staff is a win, win !

Most of us are striving to be the best possible version of ourselves. We want to be happy both in our personal lives and career. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck, not moving forward, repeating the same patterns of behaviour. We struggle to reach the next level. Our conscious minds tend to be very pre-occupied; dreaming about what we desire, calculating our next moves, mulling over repercussions of past actions. It is a fact that 95% of the time, we are running our lives with our sub-conscious mind. The drawback? We don’t consciously know what we stored in our sub-conscious as it was mainly programmed when we were very young. We don’t know if our sub-conscious mind is supporting a positive or negative outcome. If the sub-conscious mind is programmed with doubt, our progress is hampered before we start. Potentially, every aspect of our life will be negatively affected.

Does this help long term?

The workshop is just the beginning. Delegates are given the tools to sustain what they learn, reprogramming themselves to attract a more positive outcome. By signing up to our newsletter, they’re also become part of our on-line community and be able to access help, advice and free resources.

Where are these courses held?

Life Quest are based in Cambridgeshire, but we’re happy to travel to you. If you have in-house facilities, we’re able to use those or we can organise a convenient venue nearby.

Workshop Options

This workshop can be run as a one day or half day session and is suitable for groups of 8 to 100.

For business success

Find out how your staff can clear blocks and increase productivity whilst improving their mental health