Spiritual Guidance Readings.


Spiritual Guidance Readings provide opportunities of discovery, to help you direct your life towards being the best you can be and finding a greater joyfulness. Guidance Readings offer help in making choices and taking actions that support a greater spiritual awareness, self-empowerment and happier outcome.


As with all my readings I start with Numerology. Spiritual Guidance Readings is the combination of The secret Dakini Oracle Deck with Numerology and the supportive energy of the crystals. In Spiritual Guidance Readings I use programmed crystals to assist the reading but I don’t use them to channel. I use several decks of cards. I do one reading without questions then afterwards you can ask questions and we can draw the cards on specific subjects.

It’s a more interactive reading than the Destiny alignment reading.

This reading is more direct and looks at a longer term, it enables you to see where they have become self-defeating instead of self-supporting and self-disciplined. You are guided to recognise self-sabotaging subconscious behaviours and habits and I offer practical help to re-engage in self-supporting and healing practices with tools to help you along your journey, particularly if you are feeling trapped or caught in a loop.