New Locket Infills

Why not choose your own locket to wear?

The New Locket Infils provide exactly the same protection as the Body Shield.
The only difference is simply that you choose your own locket. You could use an old locket you already have or buy a design you really want to wear. The locket must be able to close, so the infils do not fall out.

Press the infils firmly into either side of your chosen locket and close the locket securely..


The locket will now protect you from background electromagnetic pollution that the body is subjected to in the course of a normal day’s activity. It helps to regain normal vitality by balancing out stress, so you feel calmer and more able to adopt a positive attitude.
Although it will help with the effects of unshielded mobile phones, WiFi and other electronic devices is not expected to be a replacement for the more focused shields.