Beginners Online Numerology

Transformation starts with a deeper understanding of ourselves. By understanding our Destiny numbers, we can make better sense of why things happen the way they do and why we face the obstacles we face.
With that deeper understanding of ourselves, it’s so much easier to make positive changes in our lives. Small changes in focus and attitude can reap incredible rewards. We learn to move with the changing seasons of our lives, going with our personal flow, rather than battling against the tide.

Join me looking at your Numerology, your Destiny numbers, how to calculate them and what they mean to you? What are your Goals and distractions? What’s in a name? What does your personal year hold.
It will be held over 4 sessions where I help you walk away with a new understanding and a new purpose.
This course is a CMA (Complimentary Medical Association) approved course for CPD as part of the Empower, Transform, Manifest Certificate.

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