In-Genius Healing Frequencies

Discover a New innovative technology that scans the bodies frequencies from an image and the voice. It aligns your body with healing frequencies that raise your vibration manifesting better health and well-being.

Electricity is all around us, even in the human body. Without the ability of our cells to conduct electricity, our nervous system would be unable to send signals throughout the body and to the brain. It is these electrical signals that make it possible for us to Move, Think and Feel.

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£100 consultation fee and
£60 one off fee for the App.


A disruption of these electrical currents that can lead to illness, for example, electricity is required for the heart to pump, an Irregular electrical current could prevent heart muscles from contracting correctly, leading to a heart attack.

It is the action of positive and negative ions in our cells that is responsible for our bodies being in constant motion, vibrating and creating energy, the speed or rate at which something vibrates is termed as frequency.

So we are electrical beings, in constant motion and that motion has a frequency. The higher the frequency the better we feel.
Everything can affect this frequency even our thoughts and feelings interfere with the body’s vibration. Feelings of gratitude raise our vibration, attracting more positivity, while fear and anxiety create vibrations incongruent with joy and peace. We can therefore shape the frequency of our being by choosing and directing our thoughts.

Energy is not limited in distance, and can be broadcast, distance is only a physical limitation. We are all connected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole (universal energy).

The In-Genius technology analyses your image and voice, comparing to a vast database of thousands of others. While not a diagnostic tool, it highlights prominent aspects of misalignment in your energy field.

Suzanne works with you and her In-Genius programme, to align you with healing frequencies to elevate your vibration to help you match with feeling healthy and well.