H2O shield

H20 Shield

The purpose of the device is to form a protective force shield to combat and neutralise the low frequency electro-magnetic radiation picked up by water as it travels through pipes to your home. Water is consumed and absorbed by the body, so it is vital to protect it from EMF contamination.

Simply attach the shield to the incoming cold-water pipe



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Within our personal environment we are all bombarded by electric and magnetic radiation, today such protection is available.  The unique Shield devices are Bio Gravity Field Amplifiers, been designed to protect you within the home and your personal environment from daily effects of destructive electrical pollution and magnetic forces which can alter human body polarity.

Water is absorbed by the body, the shield has been designed to protect you from electro- magnetic contamination which may cause problems such as tension, frustration, headaches, apprehension, sleeplessness, or even pain.

The Life-shields system provides the cellular protection the body needs to vibrate at its optimal frequency.