One-to-One Manifestation Work

Embark on a personalised journey of self-discovery and transformation with Suzanne’s
“One to One Manifestation” sessions.
A bespoke three-level framework designed to align you with the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The journey starts with navigating your present, Suzanne’s unique Guidance Reading, enriched withNumerology, unveils profound insights into your current trajectory.

Where are you now?
What’s standing in your way?
And most importantly
What steps can you take to achieve your desired outcomes.

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Empowerment becomes the cornerstone as Suzanne introduces dynamic tools like the Empowerment Cards & Superpower Cards plus techniques such as—Radiant Circuits, In-Genius Frequency balancing, Balancing Numbers and Attuning to Full Potential—all designed to elevate your understanding and unlock the true potential within you.

Transformation unfolds as you define your goals and identify your obstacles and hurdles. Through a profound understanding of the three levels of consciousness, Suzanne helps you shed limiting beliefs and channel your focus towards unlocking the doors to your dreams. The process involves connecting with your 'Superconscious,' by mastering the shift from busy Beta mode to the serene Alpha mode. Uncover the true essence of Ho’oponopono and discover its transformative synergy with your superconscious, offering you thechance to reprogram your reality.
The journey culminates in manifestation, where intentions are crafted, energies balanced, and a personalised grid is created. You consciously and unconsciously create the blueprint for the 'New Empowered, Successful, Happy You' as you step confidently into your future.

Choose flexibility with sessions offered on an ad-hoc basis at £60 per session, allowing you to progress when it feels right for you. Alternatively, opt for the bundled package of five sessions at a special rate of £250 when paid in advance.
Your transformative journey awaits – choose "One to One Manifestation" and step into the life you envision with confidence and purpose.

Client Reviews for Energy Alignment and Manifestation Work

Almost immediately Suzanne formed the grid for me, beneficial things began happening. She sent me a picture of my grid and I printed it out along with my clearest possible request to Creation and as soon as I looked at those and read put the request, I sensed something inside me shift. Very powerful. Thank you.

Paul Darrol Walsh

Suzanne’s Crystal Grids are a wonderful opportunity to align with the energy of your goals. Suzanne showed excellent support and commitment to the preparation, creation and follow up of my personalised Crystal Grid including helping me find clarity of my intensions and the writing of my affirmation. Suzanne offers an excellent explanation of the crystals chosen and their purpose. Within days of being set up, I saw progression in my intensions. How wonderful to have been sent a beautiful coaster which I place my affirmation on each night to continue giving my attention to. I highly recommend Suzanne’s Crystal Grid and readings which I have benefited immensely from. Thank you.

Phillip Brunton, UK

The Crystal grid Suzanne created for me, was a grid for protection. Being an energy practitioner, this grid allowed me to be able to do my energy work, whilst the grid took the offensive energies directed to me and magically made them disappear ! Suzanne’s crystal grid was so powerful for me , that she had it made into a coaster, so everyday, when doing my energy work, I still feel protected from the grid. It was so powerful for me that I got my husband to create his own grid with Suzanne.

Julie Brunton

Suzanne’s Grid is a great way to fuel and empower your intentions, to strengthen your cosmic connection and make your difference in daily life.

Alexandria Walsh Roberts

I had no idea how powerful grid work could be and I adore my coaster. I am confident the Grid has helped me to realign and focus my intention for manifesting my deepest truth.

Tanya. C