Empower Transform Manifest Certification

The whole ethos of Life quest is to teach Empowerment, Transformation and Manifestation techniques.
Lifequest Training .. Lifequest is a registered training college with the CMA (Complimentary Medical Association. A close-up of a logo

Suzanne uses many techniques and tools she has devised over a long career in holistic health, which she teaches others to learn and deliver to their clients.

The course is based on six one-day workshops, which can mostly be taken in any order, ending with a 2-hour case study review (online or face-to-face) and sign-off.

  1. What is Energy and what do we mean by frequencies? What does it all mean? How does it fit in with Science? How do all the energy systems fit together? Understanding self-empowerment and demonstration of tools to help.
  2. Dowsing and self-testing. Suzanne is a Kinesiologist and demonstrates and teaches techniques to help you work proficiently.
  3. Beginners Numerology. Numerology is an amazing way to help you discover yourself and others.
  4. How to work with Intentions/Affirmations. The power of the mind and how to tap into the Superconscious.
  5. Understanding Crystals. How to work with crystals and their link with Numerology, Intentions, and amplification of manifestation.
  6. Bringing together Empowerment, Transformation techniques and how to turn that into `manifesting what you want’.
  7. Completion and sign-off.

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