Destiny Alignment Readings

Analyse the energies of the year and how they could impact your life.
Using Numerology, cards and channelling through crystals, I pick up the resonances of your year ahead, its complications, twists and turns.
The reading offers an opportunity of help for you to navigate through the coming year. It helps you evaluate what actions to avoid, and what steps would be more beneficial to your most favourable outcomes.


Client Reviews for Destiny Alignment Readings

I highly recommend Suzanne if you are seeking guidance. Her readings are in-depth and 'spot on'. She has the uncanny ability of revealing the core, key issue and bringing clarity to it via her cards, crystals, channelling, numerology and sensitivity. While Suzanne is a smiling ray of sunshine, her readings delve deep into a wisdom that will either reassure you on a decision you may already have been drawn to or open your senses to a whole new facet of a situation that you may not have thought of. If you are wavering ... don't! You won't regret a reading with Suzanne.

Maddie King Author and Teacher - Energy Medicine

These are exquisite and profound readings. Highly recommended

Margo Benson

Crystal Reading - WOW .. I was incredibly lucky to receive a Crystal reading (in lockdown) as a birthday present and have just had the most brilliant reading with Suzanne - it was amazing from start to finish. First of all, from your date of birth, Suzanne builds a grid. When the call started we covered Numerology and went through my Destiny number, my approach to life, my personal goals and what the obstacles are in my life - and which crystals were supporting me. It was fascinating. Suzanne then laid out cards and gave me insights on how to improve the areas I was struggling with and how to do this - the advice felt totally right for me. I am blown away - the reading was spot on - I would thoroughly recommend a session with Suzanne - It was truly fascinating. I was amazed Suzanne could do such a spot on reading over Zoom. Thankyou so much

Christian Spence

This was a very interesting and enlightening experience. Suzanne was very intuitive and it felt as if she already knew me. It was a very special experience. I will be booking another session soon. Thanks Suzanne!


Fabulous reading, Thank you Suzanne. I really needed some clarity and this reading really helped me move forward.

Anji James

I really enjoyed my reading with Suzanne. Very helpful and intuitive.

Sally Harding

Suzanne's reading for me was full of insightful "ah-ha" moments. She has helped me to re-frame what has been a very painful few months by realising that not only is not my fault but that it was all meant to be in order for me to fulfill my destiny. Damn you universe!!!

Jacqueline Malhotra

My session with Suzanne was not only extremely accurate, but taught me things about myself that I hadn’t quite realised yet. In a time of deep worry about my future, it put me at ease and allowed me to trust that things will be okay and will happen when then need to happen. I have highly recommended her to friends, and would strongly suggest to have a reading to anyone not at ease with themselves or in life because it’ll allow you to discover who you are and where you are in life.

Kiera Brunton

Thank you Suzanne Lane for such an incredibly uplifting reading.
Working with your crystal allies, Numerology and divine channelling - this is more than just a ‘reading’. Suzanne you have such a wonderful gift which you deliver with nothing but love & light and I can’t thank you enough for guiding me on my path.

Krysia Anna