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The Energy Edge Corporate Workshop

Giving your business the edge

The Energy Edge is a fun and interactive workshop which is your company’s secret weapon to getting ahead of the competition. To drive a sales team, pitch to a prospective client or present at a conference requires the right energy to be successful. The energy you and your team start the day with will have a serious impact on the rest of the day.

What is the very first thing you say to yourself when you wake up in the morning? Do you look in the mirror and tell yourself how wonderful you are? Or do you start the day criticising yourself or feel stressed about reaching your targets at work? If the latter is true, then you’re already on your way to a bad day at the office.

We often say things to ourselves that we wouldn’t tolerate from others. We only need tell ourselves something a few times, before our minds start to believe it. Self-hypnosis is incredibly powerful!

The Energy Edge Workshop demonstrates visually how trying to impress someone, whilst holding onto even seemingly innocuous feelings of stress or low-esteem, can negatively impact the people you are trying to engage with no matter how strong your business offering.

The Energy Edge Workshop offers the solution. These simple techniques will have an immediate effect on yours and your team’s energies, how you feel about yourself and the impact you have on others. It empowers you to ‘walk your talk’ with confidence secure in the knowledge that others will respond to you in a positive way.

Change your energy and the world changes around you

Clients will warm to you, your team will respond to this new energy resulting in increased sales, harnessing of new ideas and greater creativity. A vibrant energy within the workplace is not only infectious, it can put your company ahead of your competitors.

These techniques can be shared with your whole company and the results are not just limited to a more focused, happier and more productive workforce; they reduce stress levels and promote wellbeing too.

Where are these courses held?

Life Quest are based in Cambridgeshire, but we’re happy to travel to you. If you have in-house facilities, we’re able to use those or we can organise a convenient venue nearby.

Workshop options

The full Workshop is suitable for groups of 8 to 100 and is held over one day. A half day workshop is also available.

Find out more about the Energy Edge Workshop

See how the Energy Edge Workshop can give your business the edge.

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