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Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Is your health bank account in arrears?

With a combination of Kinesiology muscle testing and scientific information, you’ll be introduced to a model of well-being that offers methods to increase your ‘Health Bank Account’. Using a mixture of ‘Old Wives Tales’ and scientific evidence, this engaging workshop is both informative and fun. You’ll leave with the tools which will positively impact your ability to handle stresses and perform at your very best. The workshop uses Mindfulness techniques and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

How much is your health affecting your business?

To be successful you need to be happy, healthy and motivated. According to Labour Force Survey (LFS), some 12.8 millions working days were lost due to stress, depression or anxiety in the UK during 2018/2019. On average, each person needed 21.2 days off work to recover. This puts a huge financial strain on any business and has a massive impact on individuals and their dependents. Stress is more than an emotional response, it can have a huge impact on our biochemical and physical health. This, in turn, negatively affects performance both at work and in your private life

Being in balance

The Healthy Body Healthy Mind Workshop gives you an understanding of your overall health. It illustrates that health is made up of three aspects working together – mental health, biochemical self and physical being. These three parts need to be working in harmony to achieve and maintain good health and performance. If one of these are out of balance, an individuals performance will be adversely affected.

Where are these courses held?

Our courses are held in various locations throughout Cambridge and Hertfordshire.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind Workshop Options

This workshops runs bi-monthly in groups of no more than 20.

For a more productive and happier you, get in touch. To see details of all our workshops or to book your place, check out our events


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