EMF Electromagnetic Fog

What is EMF/EMS?

Understanding Electromagnetic Fog or Smog (EMF or EMS)

More and more of us use computers and mobile phones, we have wi-fi’s and electrical grids running around our homes which we plug endless amounts of electrical appliances into such as microwaves, Fridge freezers, Cordless household phones. All these devices give off a low level of electro-magnetic radiation which has an ever-increasing impact our bodies. Physical symptoms can include, feeling exhausted, suffering confusion, Headaches, Migraines, feeling lightheaded, it can impact the memory, cause aches and pains and can leave you feeling confused. And this is why:-


We are electrical beings

At a physical level, our cells generate electricity. Every cell in the body is a miniature battery. The movement of electrically charged ions at the cellular level is the basic building block in the complex electromagnetic workings of our “body electric.”

Every muscle we move, every thought we think, every morsel of food we digest involves electrical activity. Our feelings, memories, and thoughts are coded in patterns of tiny electrical impulses. Electrical fields help regulate tissue growth in the fetus and promote tissue regeneration in adults.

Electrics particularly relate to the heart, as it is the strongest electrical generator in the body. The heart is amazingly intelligent, having every single receptor that the brain has. It thinks. It remembers. It feels, knows and loves. The heart makes hormones, has its own nervous system, and regulates your rhythm.

The Electrics are a subtle energy system that interconnects with all of the other energy systems as well as the physical body.

The flow of charged ions causes your heart to beat and your muscles to contract. But nowhere in the body is electrical activity better documented than the brain, which contains roughly a hundred billion electrically conductive, biological wires. We even have the biological equivalent of a spark plug in our heart called the sinus node that keeps our heart beating.

So any disruption of our electrical system can cause physical and emotional mayhem which is incredibly stressful!

It’s therefore no surprise that as electrical beings we are deeply affected by
Electro Magnetic Fog (EMF)
or Electro Magnetic Smog (EMS)

The bodies electrical vibration should be in alignment with the vibration of the earths elliptical orbit around the sun.

However our bodies electrical system is under constant stress and bombardment from the many electrical and WIFI devices commonly found in virtually every modern household. Many of us operate in a body with a distorted energy frequency and polarity. The vitality of cells does not thrive at optimal frequency under this stress.

Patrick Walsh invented a whole shield system, from body shields to mobile phone shields to protect the body from EMF or EMS.

The shield system Patrick devised is of a microcrystalline composition, sensitive to certain human energy waves within the electro-magnetic spectrum. Crystals have been used in electronic communications devices for frequency work, for many years. Our bodies energy centers act as energy broadcasters and receivers. The device, called a bio-gravity amplifier, has been designed to protect us from the daily effects of pollution fields which may impact the bodies cell vitality and ability of the cells to communicate with each other.

The purpose of the device is to form a protective force shield to combat and neutralise the low frequency electro-magnetic radiation.

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