About Life Quest

Life Quest’s mission is to enable individuals and businesses to be at the top of their game by teaching techniques to reduce stresses.

It is the brainchild of Suzanne Lane and a culmination of 35 years experience working with blue chip companies and individuals. Passing on her knowledge, continues to be her overriding passion. Here’s Suzanne’s story in her own words…

My life started when I stopped

We’re bombarded with information and requests in person and electronically 24/7 and life is more stressful than ever. Hence, it’s no wonder many of us are suffering from stress related illnesses – anything from anxiety to disturbed sleep and breakdowns. That is exactly how I felt. Only after eighteen years in a high-pressure environment had taken it’s toll, did my journey to health and happiness begin. I was constantly chasing my tail, highly stressed as my mind was running at 1000 miles an hour. With the birth of my son and his subsequent health issues, I was forced to step back. What I considered as yet another stress, proved to be a positive thing.

Suzanne Lane Destiny alignment reading

Light at the end of the tunnel

A trip to a Homeopath and what seemed to me like a miraculous recovery for my son, set in motion a complete change of direction. Finally I began to realise what an impact my working life had been having. I felt broken and exhausted. It wasn’t that I hadn’t enjoyed my work, it was the fact that I had been living in a state of high stress. As a result, my body and mind had had enough and so began my journey of self discovery.

My ‘light bulb’ moment

Realising that stresses affect everyone, I started a group called ‘New Dimensions’. With the help of others, I encouraged local mothers to join us. We invited complementary health practitioners to give talks and demonstrations. I was fascinated to see the difference these sessions made. Smiling, relaxed faces replacing the pinched expressions of an hour before. During this time, I trained to teacher level in Reiki and Seichem. Indian Head massage, Psycho-Synthesis and Psycho-Dynamic-Counselling were all added to my repertoire. However, my ‘light bulb moment’ came when I chanced upon Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book.

The power of energy medicine

In 2001, I found myself sitting in front of Donna Eden at the Mind Body and Spirit in the Royal Horticultural Halls. The sheer power of Energy Medicine and its affects on the body, blew me away. This was the missing piece in the puzzle. I’d found my calling. I began training that year and have been using a form of Energy Medicine ever since. I became a fully-qualified Kinesiologist in 2003.

Keen to explore the whole body chemistry, I have since studied Functional Biochemistry, Nutrition, Body Electrics Courses, Magnet Therapy, Colour Bio-psychology, Balancing numbers, Flower Remedies, Ask and Receive, Spectrum Healing, Aromatherapy and Crystal Therapy. So many therapies don’t look at the body as a whole. However for me, it’s only by understanding how the body works, that we can be operating at our best.

Life Quest

My private practice was launched in 2002 and continues to offer one to one therapies today. Realising my work could help on a larger scale, I set up ‘Life Quest’ to work with the management and employees of large companies such as Royal Sun-Alliance and AON. Today Life Quest continues to work with larger organisations but with the huge growth in independent businesses, we also run workshops for smaller groups. An increasing number of solo-entrepreneurs are seeing the benefit to their business and health of investing in themselves and their wellbeing by attending workshops.

It’s an honour to share everything I’ve picked up over the years and watch people alleviate their stresses, let go of unhelpful behaviour patterns and make positive changes to their life. By cherry picking what I consider to be the best parts in each of my learned disciplines, I can offer customised workshops targeted to get the results my clients want.

Putting yourself first isn’t selfish, it’s essential

We are all so individual and I think we all deserve the opportunity to become the best possible version of ourselves.

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